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  • Foam Stick
  • Foam Stick
  • Foam Stick
  • Foam Stick
  • Foam Stick
Foam StickFoam StickFoam StickFoam StickFoam StickFoam Stick

Foam Stick

  • Product description: Carp Bait Pop Up Carp Fishing Boilies Bait Zig Imitation Bait Foam Stick for Carp Rig Chod Zig Rig Method Feeder Fishing Tackle
Specification: Material:EVA foam Size: about 8X70mm  Color:red/yellow/purple/black/orange Name: Zig Rig Fishing Zig Foam Imitation Bait Our extremely buoyant Zig Foam is perfect for Zig Rig and surface fishing. This is a soft but durable foam that can be glugged and reused time and time again.  This is also perfect for tipping of your rig for an eye catching fleck of colour that has helped anglers all over the world catch them wary carp.


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